Crime and community - The two sides of the London area Brent

The London Borough of Brent, or Brent, had the highest gun crime rate in London. Of course there is more to this multicultural area then crime, where black, white and Asian people seemingly live peacefully together. In two videos both sides are shown.

In the documentary Love In The City (LITC) a group of young people highlight the positives of Brent, as they were tired about hearing the negatives, and anti-knife and gun crime initiatives. LITC was an inter-generational summer 2009 youth project for young people to engage with their peers and different generations to find out mostly positive things about leaving in their areas, and some history.

In the video ‘Gun Crime in Brent’ the residents talk about the cause of the gun crimes.

Although it's interesting to see both sides, I still wonder why having "nothing do to" always seems to have the same effect in our communities.

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