Black Peter deblackfaced (Netherlands)

In the Dutch city of Deventer an 18-year old black Pete (zwarte Piet) was attacked yesterday by a group of black men. They tried to wipe off his blackface makeup with a wet sponge.

According the attackers the action was intended as a statement.

The men approached the black Pete and then held him. One of them attacked him a wet sponge, but the boy managed to free himself. Another Black Pete recorded the incident on video with a “black Pete camera”, according to the Stentor.

The attacked Peter told the police he received several blows to his stomach and face. The 21-year-old man with the sponge stated that the action was a playful statement, which he wanted to record for a study assignment . He opted to demake up a black Pete as a statement about the phenomenon black Pete, which he perceives as discrimination.

The justice department must still decide what will happen with the case

See more information on black Pete here


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