UK film /event: ‘Find her keep her’ Official Premiere

Spotted on Madnews
The premiere of the highly aniticipated UK film Find Her Keep Her will finally take place on the 20th November. Premiere: 20-11-09 Vue Cinema, The O2 Centre, Greenwich, London.

Set in london, FIND HER KEEP HER is about 3 friends out in search for MRS.RIGHT.T his movie stars Kojo(MTV Base comedian), Rachel Ritfeld( MTV's hip hop candy), Bianca Simmone, Jordan Pitt, Natalie Duvall, Raymond Burrell, Alison Naomi.

This film is, in a certain way, a real black European film, because one of the stars is Surinam Actrice/model Rachel Ritfeld. Surinam born Riffeld has lived in Belgium, and now lives in England.

Film synopsis:

They are the wealthiest players in town. They live the fast life,drive fast cars,live in plush apartments in the posh areas of London. Life can’t be better, money, fame the girls, but one thing they aim for is finding her and keeping her.
Jide, a property developer lives with his fiancée of 4 years, Abi. He’s a workaholic who hardly spends time with Abi. He loves her to death and wants to marry her, but oblivious to him, she has a dark secret.
Fred,an entrepreneur lives the lifestyle of a young millionaire. He cruises in the latest cars in town. Owns a few bars from west London to north London. Hes a big spender who loves to floss. But inside this larger than life character is a baby, crying to be loved and cared for. Fred cannot commit to a woman for fear of being heart broken and used. He feels every woman he meets is after his money. But he meets Michelle. Can he keep her?
Chike, a systems analyst works in one of london’s top prestigious software companies. He works hard and plays hard equally. He has ambitions of owning his own software company. He’s a self proclaimed player who has little or no respect for women. He lives a comfortable life,loves flashy fast cars and WOMEN. He has a 6yr old son from a previous relationship. But what happens when he meets Simone, an independent, sophisticated woman.

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