Singer Leona Lewis talks of experiencing racism in London store

Photo and copyright: Ken Mckay - Leona Lewis with her parents at the X Factor UK (2006)
Spotted on Madnews
Singer Leona Lewis talks about experiencing racism in a trendy London store. An experience that left her devastated and angry.

Via The Daily Mail

‘I went into a shop while my dad waited outside because he was on the phone,’ she says. ‘I picked out a few photo frames, put them on the side to buy them and asked the lady who worked there about some other stuff in the shop.

‘She was incredibly stand-offish with me and I couldn’t understand why. I went up to the till and, at that point, my dad came in and started looking around. He picked something up and said, “What about this?”

‘I asked how much it was, but the woman told us to get out of the shop. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing and said, “Excuse me?” She said, “Get out of my store right now.”

‘I looked at her and asked, “Are you joking?” She said, “No, I want both of you to remove yourselves from my store.” I asked her what she meant, and why, and she said, “I don’t like the look of him.”

Pointing at my dad, she said, “I want him to go right now.” Stunned, I asked her, “What do you mean, you don’t like the look of him?” She said, “You know exactly what I mean. He’s been standing outside my shop and I want him to go. I know why you’re coming in here.”

‘She was implying that we were trying to steal stuff. She came up to my face, this close.’ Leona holds her hand a few inches from her face. ‘She was so loud, shouting, “Get out right now or I’m going to call the police.”

‘It was so shocking and disgusting. I couldn’t believe someone was shouting at me in front of so many people. I can’t stand confrontation anyway, but she was so rude. I completely lost it. I was crying and bawling. My dad said, “Come on, let’s go.” I said, “No. I’m not going. I’m going to call the police. This is racism.”

‘I was so angry. My dad had to drag me out of the shop. Afterwards, I sat in the car for ten minutes and was so upset. My dad was trying to calm me down but I was furious. What happened was awful – absolutely awful.

‘I’d never experienced anything like that, and I would never wish anyone else to. Being judged by the colour of your skin is horrible. My dad is really laid-back. He said, “Don’t worry about it. I’ve experienced stuff like that many times, especially when I was younger, so don’t be upset for me. I’m fine.”

‘Do you know what he did? He got my CD, went back in the shop and said, “You’ve just offended a really nice young lady. I just want to leave you this, so you can look and see who it is. This is my daughter. I’m not trying to cause trouble, but I wanted you to see that.”‘

I understand her father’s reaction, he wanted to show that his daughter is a famous singer. But this is racism, period. It's good Lewis talked about it, but they should really make a case of this and name the store.


  1. hopefully the store has burned down by now, with the shop owner in it. What a pathetic waste of air some human beings are. Utterly pathetic.

  2. What the hell?! Leona should of smashed on that lady. How dumb are they though? Really? You can't judge people how they look, but you can on how they ACT.

  3. iMeant how dumb is she. [the owner of the shop]

  4. this has happened to me when I was with my boyfriend in the strees :( and I couldn't do anything....I feel ashamed of me..I stood there looking to those people freezed and I couln't do anythig Im crying right now some people are so stupid so so so stupid it has also happened to me when I was with my best friend! next time I won't shut down! I CAN'T STAND RACISM is the most stupid thing in the world

  5. Nerea, thanks for sharing your experience. Don't let it eat you up, but keep talking about it.

  6. I can understand Leona's reaction, but she spent too many words on that woman. I would have said: You're not worth having us in your shop. We'll not recommend your shop to anyone. If you understand what I mean...

  7. This is sick. I would love to know what store this is, I would go and give the person a piece of my mind! Nasty, vindictive racist piece of scum, hope she enjoys burning in hell.

  8. Funny. Leona Lewis talks about racism and all she dates is white men with her man-looking face.

    At least she's not as bad as Sidney Poitier. He always talks about how "white people" did him wrong and he goes and marries a white woman...

  9. truth2011, well that's up to her,she can date whoever she wants, a white, black, asian?what's up with you?being a racist now?

  10. You'd think racism against her would change her outlook, but it clearly hasn't. Sidney Poitier always talks about how the "white man" did him wrong and yet he goes out and finds the fattest, whitest woman out there. She's not even cute too.

    He and Leona are talking out both sides of their mouths.

  11. truth2011 you are a mess! And i love it! You have me laughing so hard with your comments. I may not always agree with what you to say...but please always be you. I like that you say what you feel and you make no excuses for it. Because it is how you feel. And yes Sidney Poitier did say that. And he did marry as you! Oh man i'm still laughing! And that comment about Leona you're too funny! You're my kind of guy....just keeping it real the way you see it.... Peace

  12. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( so sad in this day an age. the poor store owner is spiritually sick :( i pray for her healing :}*

  13. truth2011,

    That's so ignorant. Leona Lewis can date whoever she wants. I don't see why you're making a big deal because she doesn't date colored men. Who gives a shit? It's her prerogative. Maybe she just isn't attracted to them? I have a white chick friend who only dates black guys - she isn't racist, she just isn't attracted to white guys.
    Seriously, get over yourself and your ignorant ideals.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. winnyluv14, I deleted the last sentence of your comment "white people never reason, they have eyes but cannot see,black is ever talented and so admirable thats why they are always jealous" ..........

      Please, try not to use offensive language.

  15. Racism is a disease that will not end. The only cure is to put these fools down like mad dogs. In order to cure cancer it has to be cut out. Can't have mercy on sick people like these.


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