Harry Roselmack’s new TV show: reporting from the French ghettos

Harry Roselmack will present the TV program “derrière les murs de la cité” (behind the walls of the city). The most popular French journalist, according to a recent small survey, will plunge himself in the troubled French suburbs for a full month.

The concept is English: a journalist will take part and submerge himself in the daily live of a community. For the BBC it’s Louis Theroux, who is best known for his Gonzo style journalism, which is a style of reporting where reporters involve themselves in the action to such a degree that they become central figures of their stories.

Roselmack’s program will cover the daily live in the French suburbs. He will first visit the Paris suburb Villiers-le-Bel, the place where the riots started in November 2007. Through the testimonies of the residents, he will will attempt to decipher the functioning of a notoriously difficult city.

Rémi Pernelet, editor-in-Chief of TV 1, is thrilled: "This show will find its public because it provides a different look at life in the suburbs." It will be a success."

The program will be aired by the commercial station TV1, starting on 24 November.

I hope Roselmack will make a program that will change the perspective about people of the 'banlieues'. I don't hope he will become the new black Louis Theroux. That would just make the program look like an urban safari tour.

The film La Haine (The hate) of 1995 had to be a the wake up call!


  1. I'm still following this great blog! Thanks!
    Sorry, but I'm out for a while as I'm working on a book about the children of colonisation in Belgium. it's taking all my time.

    We gathered interviews of mixed race children from Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. the ofspring of white Belgian colonials and African locals who were taken from their african mothers and deported to Belgium to be 'civilized'. (kind of the same story as the mixed raced aboriginals in Australia)

    This people are in their 50s and 60s now and testify about their lives. We are writing a book about them. Coming out in April 2010. I keep you posted.


  2. Hi Sibo, great to hear you are writing a book! These are kind of stories that need to be written. Uncovering a past that former colonial countries would like to forget.

    I envy you. I started writing a novel years ago, but at the end I dropped the project. So it’s very stimulating to hear that you’re really going to finish this.

    Keep me, and the readers, posted about your book. Keep on writing!

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