Spike Lee: “I never drank that post-racial Kool Aid”

An interview with Spike Lee and BBC Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman on changing race relations in America since Lee made "Do The Right Thing". In the interview which aired a month ago, the two argue about the impact of Barack Obama’s election on modern day racism.

A very interesting interview, the idea that racism is something of the past seems to infuriate him.

Spotted on Soulculture


  1. He's right. If you look at how many of those on the far-right behaved during the campaign (and how they are behaving now), you would know that racism is far from over. In fact, for most of those who were already racist, their racism has increased. Overall, I do think things are improving though. Slowly but surely.

  2. Hi Ash, I am glad to hear you see things are improving. By the way, it's good you took that flyer.

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