Musical Tismee with Aurélie Konaté (France)

The musical Tismee, Sept 18th till Nov 11th 2009 in Theatre de la Reine Blanche in Paris

The musical Tismee is a musical about ordinary racism. It’s about words and telling jokes that are not often considered evil, but can hurt. It’s about bias, prejudice and the colour of one's skin. It’s about living in two cultures, at a time when more and more people carry two cultures and two lives in them: one where they are, the other where they come from. It’s about the difficult duality where the solitude of exile and feelings of rejection regularly overwhelms.

Sounds very dramatic, but with this line up no tears will be shed.

With Aurélie Konaté – Singer, dancer and comedian
Félix Sabal Lecco – Singer, musician and comedian
Khalil Maouene – Singer, musician and comedian

Official Myspace website Tismee

Official theme song Tismee "Je Pars Seule"

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