Black music history: Des’ree It’s Oke (UK 2003)

Since it is Black History Month in the UK, Des’ree's last video It’s Oke (2003) should be part of it. Not because it’s old, but because it’s her last. Although the video was shot in the UK it could have been shot in The Netherlands at the famous Albert Cuyp Markt in Amsterdam. It has that multicultural European big city sauce all over it.

It’s a shame Des’ree has completely stopped making music. So call this a small tribute.


  1. Lets hope Des'ree makes some more music. I hope she is OK

    Love her voice, her music and her spirit - she is a beautiful person. One of my favourite singers - along with Cassandra Wilson, Tracy Chapman and Jewel

    "Time oh time. Yes - I need more time. Why do you keep on flitting away ... "

    Perhaps its time for more music ...

    Ron Perkins

  2. Des'ree is really oke

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