German far-right threatens Afro-German politician

Zeca Schall is a black immigrant politician in Chancellor Angela Merkel's party (CDU). He is running a election campaign for the state elections due in September. Lately he has been harassed with racism and been told to leave the country. The NPD (National Democratic Party) described him as CDU’s ‘token nigger’.

Despite suffering hostility and racial abuse from far-right opponents he decided to keep on going. He has expressed some fear but he sees the far-right campaign against him as just electioneering.

Zeca Schall, immigrated from Angola in 1988, and has been living for more than 20 years in Thüringen/Thuringia, and former part of East-Germany. He is featured on campaign posters for Merkel's Christian Democratic Union.

The far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) has damaged posters with racist statements and branded a big poster stating 'Have a good trip home Zeca Schall'.
In the meantime Schall is receiving police protection in his hometown of Hildburghausen. Members of far-right movements tried to approach his house but were turned away by the police. The Christian Democrats say they want an investigation to stop extremists for inciting hatred.

Yesterday the public prosecutor announced having launched an investigation into NPD’s actions, on suspicion of racial hatred, defamation and attempted coercion.
Schall is responsible for issues of integration -- that is, issues involving immigration and multi-culturalism -- for the CDU in Thuringia.

In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, Schall spoke of his shock at the incident and described it as an attack on German democracy.

For those of you who understand German, check the little video on youtube.

Also check the Black Nord Rhein-Wesfalen website


  1. Germany is not America, The Germans have a right to say who they want and don't want in their country, Immigration drains nations economies and takes jobs from the native population, The NPD has done nothing wrong in defending their country and their status, all you politically correct morons need to get over yourselves, people should be able to state their feelings and opinions without worrying about hurting others feelings.

  2. immigration, emigration is the natural way of things, people move around, change culture, speak new languages, ... the territory Germany has not always been culturally or ethnically or whatever 'German', and will not stay that way.
    Cutures and races change. France was 2000 years ago Gallic, then changed by Latin influence, then changed by Frankish influence and now changed by Muslim and Arican infuence ...
    In the last 500 years Europe spread through the world, the world is now spreaing within Europe.
    Let's hope that all these changes will happen peacefully ...

  3. I'd understand the position of those right wingers IF there were no Germans living in Africa. Germans need to get over themselves and drag the asses of their brothers and sisters out of Africa back to Germany before telling others to get out of their country OR kiss the asses of those Africans.

    Germany is going to change whether the Nazis like it or not, they can blame the change on Germans who are out...breeding with black women and those who leave their country to settle in other countries.

    As long as there are Germans in Africa and the Caribbean Islands there will always be Africans living in Germany, it goes both ways. German economic parasites started emigrating to Africa long before Africans started emigrating to Germany.

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