Monday, August 31, 2009

Black British man attacked in Germany by neo-Nazi thugs

The Europa Passage shopping centre in Hamburg. A black British man has been beaten up in the city
A black British man is recovering after being attacked in front of his wife and child by neo-Nazi thugs in Germany. The incident took place on Saturday the 24th of August.

The 46-year-old unidentified man, believed to be from London, was in a baker’s shop in the port city of Hamburg on Saturday when thugs from the National Democratic Party approached him with leaflets calling for a ban on immigration.

'Here, take one of these with you back where you belong,' they said to him as he stood with his wife and four-year-old son.

They say the man ripped the pamphlet up and the men then pushed the Briton against a glass window. One man punched him while another sprayed pepper spray in his eyes.

Three suspects were apprehended later and prosecutors are now investigating them on suspicion of causing bodily harm.

The British man , who has not been named, was treated in a hospital and released.

An eyewitness said: 'The wife was screaming for them to leave her husband alone but they just heaped more racial abuse on her as her little boy screamed ‘leave my daddy alone!’ It was vicious and unprovoked.' Read the full article here

In the German newspaper Sueddeutsche this was written about the attack:
"The 46-year-old victim lived, according to the police in Hamburg, but has British citizenship. The man was standing with his wife and his little son at a bakery stand, where at that moment tree men in age of 23, 33, 43 were handing out flyers of the NDP.

When the Britton tore up the paper, it first came to a quiet conversation. Then however, the trio, according to police pushed him against the glass window of the bakery stand.

One of the suspects repeatedly struck him with his fist on his chest, another repeatedly sprayed pepper spray into his eyes.

After the attack, the men fled. But shortly after the attack the police arrested the men in the vicinity of the crime scene. After the police took their id, there were set free. A special German crime investigation department will determine bodily harm."

It's very strange that the attackers, according to the German newspaper, were set free after the attack. But also strange is the fact that German Neo-Nazis can flyer in a private mall without being kicked out. Is this 2009 or 1935?

For more information also see the post on the German blog: Black in NRW blog

On the blog is a video of Mo Asumang, an Afro-German moderator and author, who for her the documentary Roots Germania interviewed an NDP front man. She made an appointment for the interview, but she didn’t say she was black.


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