Are Prince & Paris Jackson Black?

Beware: In this article I will use the word 'mulatto'. I know that some people are sensitive about the use of this word due to its ethymology. The reason I use it is not because I like it but because I will tackle an issue about mixed race people and want to describe things clearly. If this shocks anyone please accept my appologies before starting to read this.

In the following days after Michael Jackson’s death we have heard a lot of speculation about MJ’s fatherhood. During the ceremony we saw his children for the first time and many people were surprised to see that MJ’s children looked so white/Caucasian. Tom Vandyck, US correspondent for the progressive newspaper De Morgen (Belgium) expressed his doubts about MJ being the real biological father of these children. His doubts were based on Paris’s appearance. For him, biologically, she couldn’t be part of the Jackson family.

I was shocked as it reflected the fact that race is still perceived as a hard evidence. But my experience among mixed race people is that whether the parents look black or not, once there is some racial mixing in your background, the racial features of your children is a lottery.

According to an article in The Observer two years ago, nearly all African Americans have some white ancestors. This is the reason many African Americans do actually look like mixed race people with an African and European parent. Look at Colin Powell, Jeremiah Wright, Beyoncé Knowles, … and many more. They all identify as black and have a black identified mother and father. Therefore they are black in the US American context. But these people have white ancestors too and could have children with blond straight hair and blue eyes, certainly if they would choose a white partner.

When you are 'real mulatto', that is first generation black African & white European mixture, your children will generally look white if your partner is white, and black if your partner is black.

Below is a picture of Victoria Rowell, an actrice who has one white and one black parent. on this picture you can see her with her two kids. The white girl's father is white, the black boy's father is black.

Although we can’t really make a rule out of this. Different exceptions are just as common as the rule. My sister, who is half white half black has two daughters with a white Belgian man. The first girl looks white: bleu eyes, light brown hair. The second girl looks mulatto, but still with blue eyes. A good friend of mine who is half white half black has two children with an African man. They both look mulatto. One of my best friends has a mulatto mother and white father, he looks mulatto although his brother is blond and has blue eyes. Still, if you see them together you can see they are brothers.

When you look mulatto Africans can see you are not black and Europeans can see you are not white. Africans in East-Africa will call any white person ‘muzungu’, also someone looking like Obama will be called ‘muzungu’. It’s the same thing to them.

Europeans call light skinned blacks and mulattos also black. To most Europeans whether you are mulatto are not, you are just black. This means that a mulatto is ‘white’ or ‘black’ depending on the place where he is. Race is a relative thing.

I once asked a black street boy in Kenia whether he thought Beyoncé was white or black. He said without hesitating he thought she was white. He had a point, don’t you think so?

The only places on earth I know where people perceive the difference between black, mulatto and white is in Cuba and South Africa. Two places where many people of mixed race of all shades live. I have never been to Brazil, but there too, I heard it’s not just black and white, there is a whole world in between and people are very much aware of it.

My point is that based on the racial appearance of MJ’s children we can’t see if MJ is their real biological father or not. It’s pure guess work and it is wrong to say ‘they look white so therefore they can’t be his children’. Maybe they aren’t but that’s not for certain because of their skin colour. You can look white and still resemble you black father a lot.

Michael Jackson (before getting vitiligo) was a brown skinned black man, with the features of a mulatto. If you look at him, the ‘real black man’ (because having 2 black American parents) and the 'real mulatto' Obama; honestly they are the same type of black man, aren’t they?

Paris and Prince, if mixed race, are not the only mixed race children who look like white people. There are actually many. I will list some famous American ones.

This however doesn't prove that 'mulatto' people look white, this just proves that mixed people have all colours and shapes, and that they prove that race is just an illusion.

Jennifer Beals, actress, father black, mother white

Wentworth Miller, actor, father black, mother white

Rashida Jones, (Quincy Jones's daughter), father black, mother white

Elisabeth Atkins Bowman, author of 'White Chocolate', father white, mother black

Amanda Marshall, singer, father white, mother black

Derek Jeter, baseball player, father black, mother white

Blu Cantrell, singer, father black, mother white

Mariah Carey, singer, father black (Afro-Venezuelan), mother white

Jason Kidd, basketball player, father black, mother white

And then last but not least: a little youtube video about biracial twins, one white, the other biracial as the world expects it (although called 'black' by the journalists). As twins this is rather special, but even then, brothers and sisters one white and one 'black' will become more and more common in interracial families.

Don't listen to what these journalists say nor the doctor they quote. The father might be 'black', he is certainly not a black African. He has clearly some white ancestors somewhere in his family tree. He looks mixed race.

The girls are not white or black, they are both mixed race. One looks white and is blond, the other looks dark and brown skinned.

If you keep on looking around you will find out that this phenomenon -maybe not twins but brothers and sisters having a totally different racial make up- is not a One in A Million case.


  1. Hello,

    First of all, allow me to say, I LOVE the blog and like the news and opinions I find about black folks in Europe! I also read "Black Women in Europe". I host a Afro-Centric TV show here in Detroit and I often speak of black people in the African Diaspora, particularly Afro-Brazilians. I will be producing an upcoming segment about recent posts dealing with the racist/sexist German ad and the book by the Dutch author.

    I speak alot about race on my blog that is bilingual where I make comparative analysis of race and racism in Brazil and America. You mentioned alot of things in your post that I have written in some of mine, although I see most of the people you listed as white-looking black folks. Jennifer Beals, Derek Jeter, Blu Cantrell, Mariah Carey, Rashida Jones, Jason Kidd and Rashida Jones all look black to me in the sense that you can detect non-European ancestry in their features.

    Funny you mention Brazil because I have been connecting with Afro-Brazilians for nearly 10 years now. Even though Brazil does have a variety of racial mixtures and people tend to use intermediary racial terms such as "moreno", "mulato" etc, many Afro-Brazilians are beginning to sense that when white Brazilians persuade non-whites not to define themselves as black, it is a ploy to keep the peace so that Afro-Brazilians do not develop a sense of identity or a confrontational racial identity as African-Americans did 40 years ago. It is a way a manipulating race relations and Afro-Brazilians so that people don't accept the existence of racism in Brazilian society.

    But when one studies social statistics, whether Afro-Brazilians call themselves black or mulato, they are equally at a disadvantage in comparison to white Brazilians.

    You also made excellent points about Michael Jackson and Barack Obama. In my view, if Obama would have revealed that he had two black parents it would have been just as believable as his having had one white parent. For me, it doesn't matter how recent or distant the racial mixture in the DNA of an African descendent. That mixture could show up in one's physical appearance in any generation. I always saw the entire Jackson family as "new school mulattos". Anyone who looks at the pre-surgery family will see that if they're honest about it.

    I have mixed feelings about MJ's kids. In the beginning, given his fascination with whiteness, I immediately figured he arranged to raise some biological kids of white people. But sometimes, I swear, his youngest child looks like him. I know that black folks can produce white looking offspring depending on the ancestral makeup and mixture, but MJ's case is a little more perplexing. I don't thnk I'll really believe it until there's a DNA test.

    Contact me when you can and keep up the good posts! I love connecting with other black folk in the Diaspora!

    MrMarques'09 - Check some of my posts on race:

  2. I just read your blog and I really think we are on the same wave length.
    I agree that you can detect non-European ancestry in all 'white looking mulattoes'. But to know they have one black parent is rather difficult. They could just as well be of Lebanese ancestry.
    But still I understand your comment. These people are part of the African diaspora, their phenotype doesn't matter.
    Thanks for your comment and for the Brazilian persepctive on this, very interesting!

  3. Yes they are black. My aunt is lighter than them with green-hazeled eyes. I hate ignorance. thank god someone has sense. I

  4. Jackson's Children are Beutiful regardless of what they look like first of all and second Jackson was there father biologicaly or not. He was there for them since they were born. If they do have other parents out there then there is only one question to ask those so called parents and that question is where were you when Jackson was doing all the huging, teching,providing, and loving "real parents" where were you?

  5. I stumbled upon this article today by chance and I must admit I enjoyed reading it. I do agree about the varieties of possibilities that shows up in children of mixed race parents. I do also believe that Jackson's children are biologically his, no doubt about it. Like the other poster, I too have relations of mixed race who look 'white' and I mean whiter than Jackson's kids. So to me that is a no-brainer.

    I did find one thing odd about your analysis and that is the so called 'Jackson's fascination with whiteness'. This man had a disease, Vitiligo, which was further confirmed by his autopsy results. The treatment he underwent resulting in the 'pale' appearance of his skin is common for those who suffer from this disease. So how does one come to the conclusion that Jackson was obsessed in being white?

    Furthermore Jackson had an accident which resulted in severe burn to his scalp. He letter on started wearing wigs. So again both these events which explain clearly why he looked the way he did aren't secret and Jackson himself had talked about them publicly.

    It seems to me that the belief that Jackson, a very talented and super powerful black man in the music industry, had unnerved many mostly racist individual who made it their purpose to ignore the reasons behind his appearance and instead demeaned him by using his race (which they believe is inferior). Unfortunately this method seem to have worked in infecting minds even those of people who knew of the facts behind Jackson's appearance, something that judging by the comment in your article, you too continue to use to cast doubt albeit slightly on Jackson's ability to have fathered his own children.

    You state that you will only believe that the kids are his for sure if there is a DNA test, yet you post numerous examples that illustrate that a black parent can have kids that look white and accept these kids as the biological kids of the parents that say they are without requiring any DNA testing. Again this is the double standard mentality that has been used to discriminate against Jackson and to dumb-down his achievement as a black man, and a proud one at that (see his numerous interviews on the matter). Now it seems that the same tactics are been applied to his kids.

    Why is it that Quincy Jones doesn't have to provide a DNA test to prove that his daughter who looks 'white' is actually his before you accept this but yet you demand Jackson's kids do that before you accept their biological connections to Jackson?

    All in all a better written article than many and I do commend you for that but perhaps next time try to look past the mainly-media-twisted-mask behind the great man, father that was Michael Jackson.

  6. Hi Anonymous (June 24)

    Thanks for your long and interesting comment. I agree with all your comments and analysis.

    Still, I wonder though where you read me writing about 'Jackson's fascination with whiteness'. I didn't mention anything like that and am very aware of his health situation (as vitiligo is briefly mentioned in my article).

    I also didn't state that I will only believe that the kids are his for sure if there is a DNA test. I don't understand where you read this in my article?

    Just like you, to me it's a no-brainer. I felt the need to write this article because I realised that many people doubt MJ's fatherhood based on flawed argumentation.

    My article wasn't so much about MJ, but about race. I didn't want to proove MJ's fatherhood, only wanted to show that the doubts about it are based on nothing but ignorance about race.

  7. I saw this in the list of recent comment and it's significant reading it today, almost a year on from MJ's passing. I think I'll write something similar for my blog (credit to you for the inspiration of course).

    I think Anon June 24 was more responding to previous commenters than what was written in the article. Both Sibo and Anon June 24 make some very good points. For me, I'd begin from a different place and ask what it is Black? If race is an arbitrary, fictional descriptor of ourselves, then what does it mean to be Black or White or Asian or Arab? And also so if the DNA tests show MJ's kids aren't his, so what? Are they not Black even though they had a Black father and Black family raising them? I don't know why we operate on a one-drop rule sometimes, because the lines of race and identity are not as clear-cut as having a biological parent who is Black.

    As for MJ's 'pursuit of whiteness', I reject that, he was in pursuit of perfection and he had a skin condition - it was either he live with patches of skin or take medication and have a complete white out. Even though his skin was white, it is meaningless, it is only skin, identity goes much deeper than that.

    To me, he was the closest definition of post-Black identity, because he completely destabilizes the notions of Blackness/Whiteness, one drop, 'mulatto' and all of that.


  8. I can totally tell those are MJ's kids! It's kind of obvious to me. The oldest one Prince, has the exact same body build as Michael's funny to me how a lot of white people can't see past their skin coloring.

  9. Since you know the term "mulatto" is offensive, why not use "biracial" if that's what you mean (as in the video posted here), and "multiracial" if not? That's the best way to destroy ugly racist words--stop using them! I've known biracial people who would burst into tears hearing that word. That's why it's offensive to the rest of us--because it's cruel to them. Black people of various hues have feelings too; racial sensitivity is not just about pissing off us "angry" or "political/radical" ones.

    ...and what's up with this tracking of other people's biology anyhow, down to which color each famous fair to tan person's parent is? Why is this a) anyone's business, b) so damned fascinating in the 21st century? --This is not a rhetorical question. As a tan-toned Black American who thought this was an American obsession, I'd really like to know what the big deal is. It's not new!

    @Kurly Kels I totally agree! Body type and mannerisms. (Maybe even just inheriting mannerisms is a statement about what it means to be a parent anyhow.)

  10. I use the word mulatto because it expresses exactly what I want to say: the racist thought that a person having one black and one white parent is a separate category. I show extensively that ‘mulatto’ doesn’t exist, just as ‘black’ and ‘white’, these terms do not describe anything worthwhile about people. I consider the term ‘mulatto’ just as racist as you do. But I think we have sometimes to name things to be able to criticize them.
    The whole article’s purpose is exactly to deconstruct the whole concept of race. Therefore I use all these examples showing that race doesn’t matter. This may be old news in the US (having 500 years of colonial and postcolonial history), it is not in Europe. I hope Europe can learn something from the US.
    The reason why I wrote this article, is because white Europeans just assume that MJ’s kids cannot be his biological children because of their racial features. I argue this is not true, that the racial argument is not working.
    I don’t use the words biracial/multiracial because they imply the acceptation of the concept of race. I also do not believe that euphemisms solve deeper problems. The name is not the problem, but the way it is used and its social meaning.
    Furthermore biracial can mean a person with one South Asian parent and one black parent, one white parent and one East Asian parent, … Maybe I should write ‘Black biracial’ …? But what if your father is biracial (black-white) and your mother black? Aren’t we all just multiracial, whatever our physical appearance? To me biracial and multiracial tend to underscore the value of racial categories why racial categories have no scientific value whatsoever in the understanding of human beings.
    I’d rather not need to do this, but again, we live in a society that still believes race is a hard fact. This tracking of other people’s biology is just to proof that the whole vision of black vs white is totally irrelevant.

  11. have you seen the video of a so called paris Jackson's twin sister? They do look alot alike.

    Wander if its real?

  12. Mrs G says those are not Michael's bio kids. Having vitaligo does not alter his genes. He is their father only because he is the one who took on the responsibility of caring for and raising them as his. This makes him their Dad.

  13. Isn't it a little strange that its usually the mother who is white...

  14. Those are not his kids, they are not black, Michael Jackson couldnt have kids, and by the way Quincy Jones daughter was adopted. Hands down,point black, period.

    1. You're wrong the Jacksons ALREADY have WHITE on both sides of MJs family. They have stated that more than once. Hence why JOE has green eyes. Prince also inherited the Jackson family issue with vitiligo. Ignorace is no excuse. Those are his BIO kids, period. I hate biracial genetic ignorance.


  16. @Faith
    Whatever you want to believe, I never stated that MJ must be their father, I just said that based on his kids phenotype we can not automatically drag a conclusion that MJ can't be their father.
    And euh, Rashida Jones adopted???? where did you read/hear that? That's a total lie.
    I suggest you go to North East Brazil, talk with people of all colours and ask about the colour of their brothers, sisters, parents ... and see with your own eyes how totally relative 'race' is!

  17. I believe that Debbie Rowe has stated in court documents that Michael is not the biological father of the two oldest children. I doubt she would state that if it were easily proven false.

  18. Since MJ is an black American, these kids could be his. But if he was African like those in Europe that are pure African, then there's no possibility that the kids would be his. African genes are too strong.

    Black Americans contribute white genes to their children. Not Africans in Europe.

    1. Yes there is sure possibility. But you are just ignorant.

      My husband is 'pure' african, not afro american, and our kids are whiter than MJ's.

  19. Good read. In the USA there's no distinction between blacks and "mulattos". This is the way to go. No dividing and conquering.

  20. ^False - Debbie Rowe NEVER stated that the kids are not biologically Michael's - in fact she said they made them "the old-fashioned way".

    ^False - Quincy Jones' daughter is NOT adopted. In fact Rashida Jones, despite her very light skin color, looks very much like him, especially in the eyes.

    I can't STAND ignorance. I can't STAND the racism I'm seeing in the comments of this article. Yuck.

  21. Joe Jackson has bluish-green eyes. Like Paris.

    Debbie Rowe does not have blue eyes, and neither do the alleged "fathers" of Paris.

    Michael Jackson is mixed - African American, Native American, and Caucasian.

    Stop picking on these kids. They're CHILDREN.

  22. Actually If you compare Mikes Biracial Nieces & Nephews to His own 3 Kids , His Kids don't Match plus HGow is it Possible for A African American man to have 3 Mix kids & not a one come out looking Mix/Black & Blanket is suppose to be Latino/& Black but His Skin color is Way to light especially If you put him Against Other Mix Latino/Black children Including some of Mikes Own Nieces & Nephews whom are Half Latino/Black His Skin Complexion is Lighter then Theirs Its like He could have 2 Latino/Mexican Parents Cause even my Own Cousin who's Mother is Black & Father was Puerto Rican Is the Complexion of Me which is A "Caramel Brown" if Hes even Darker then me & Hair is Curly , Blanket on the Other hand looks Either Latino Or even Middle Eastern/Arab if you want to Compare him to Omer Bhatti He fits into that Category as well to be a possible Half white or French/& Arab like Omer Bhatti & Him & Omer do look very much a like But His skin Complexion is Light Hell even Omer has More Color then MJ's 3 Kids .

    I would say If at least the 2 Youngest ones came out looking mix/black I would Believe they're his Because it is Possible to have at least one child who looks Damn near White , But for all 3 Kids to Come out With No African Features Nor Color is Unheard of Not Unless The Other Parent is Mixed themselves Have I ever Seen Mix kids come out looking pure White & even they at times can come out looking more black Even Halle Berry's Daughter looks more Black then MJ's 3 Kids & she's Possibly less Black then they are because Her mother is Half white .

    1. I kinda think MJ had them Kids Designed to look that way using A Donor , Himself & Debbie which with Designer Kids you can Design them looking anything you wan & use some of your own Sperm that's later mixed with Another Donors Sperm to create the Baby you desire No its not Approved here in the U.S. But You can go Outside Overseas & have it done So who's to say he didn't go Overseas & had them to Produce for him these 3 kids who are Designed the way he wanted his Kids to look .

      Blanket looks like MJ & Omer Bhatti mixed .......LOL Who's to say he didn't use Omer's Parents to Create Blanket .

    2. You sound so ignorant!! I have 2 kids and they both are white, no frizzy hair and no african features. Yet their dad is 'pure' african!

  23. Greetings from Sweden :)

    I agree with most of your post.

    Except that in the bottom video you are so "sure" that the man/father is not "real african" or of mixed race, due to how the kids look.

    Wasn't the whole point of your post to show the world that 'mulattos' can look alot different from the sterotypes, that yes they can be either black or white or brown etc.

    Stereotypes are just that, they are the definition of people's assumptions and prejudices.

    I am european, my husband is african (ethiopian). Both our kids are white, same color as me.
    They have european type of hair, not much texture or any frizz at all, although a little bit curly.

    So I definately believe that those kids could be MJ's biological kids, because skin color of parents obviously doesn't determine how the kids gonna look.

  24. The answer to the question in the heading of the article is.............. No.

  25. They are not his Bio kids.

  26. This is the most deepest form of African-American pathology

  27. I think the better question, were they Michael Jackson's biological children. That I think is "NO."

    I wonder if MJ was "gender dysphoric" he was never really manly as an adult and he started looking like a not so attractive white woman near the end. If you look between him post surgery and LaToya post surgery there's still a very close resemblance in how they appear despite LaToya having got boob implants and being a woman. He was an odd duck to say the very least and people were in denial as to consider that other than "he's eccentric" and not look at what the underlying motivation is for the behaviors.

    1. For Michael Jackson to have revealed to the world that he had "possible transgender identity issues" or at the least was gay, would have spelled suicide to his career. The world is unforgiving when popular Black males who have been identified as heterosexual, albeit "eccentric" (a la Dennis Rodman), later on down the line announce their homosexuality or gender variance.

      I, for one, never believed that Michael Jackson's children were conceived through natural heterosexual intercourse. I'm not saying that Michael's sperm may not have been implanted in Debbie Rowe's uterus, but it's the mechanical "how" that I totally question!

  28. my two cents : in black white mixing, if you have dark brown skin, you are about 75% black; if you have very light brown skin [like thandie newton or halle berry], you are about 50% black, if you have light yellow skin [like mariah carey], you are about 25% black . . .

    people who look like jennifer beals are phyiscally an octoroon even if they have a "black" parent

    my birth mother had light yellowish skin and a brown afro - if she straighten her hair, she looked white on certain days . . . i have deep brown skin [more like Michael Jackson] and feel more black than white but i know the white genes are there . . . .

    what i find strange here is that all of these kids came out very white looking ? . . . i would expect a little more variation in skin color and hair texture and facial features like some of the examples provided in the article . . .

    1. Pure silliness here. My mom is as white as a ghost and her brother is as black as night. Their parents, my grandparents, are both brown-skinned. If you were black, you'd know that skin colors is so random.

      This whole part-black this and part-white that is NONSENSE that only a non-black person would think to say.

    2. That's not true. My dad is brown with light brown eyes and my aunt (his sister) is very light with dark eyes. I'm brown with almost black eyes. My mom is brown (slightly darker than me) with dark eyes. My grandmother is a little on the lighter side of brown, she also has auburn colored hair in the light (she's 66 and no she doesn't dye it) and looked Asian when she was younger. My hair is dark brown and kind of reddish in the light as well. Black people vary A LOT. In my family, alone, it varies a lot.

  29. Race is real!! Be proud of it. There is mothing more natural than your race. And there is nothing more unnatural than avoiding, or discounting your race, or saying race is only a color. The is human nature and it will not change. Ever...

  30. Blacks are the most narcissistic people ever... I mean the collective denial of reality as an entire group is unreal. Like " she is totally black... And my auntie is light skinned with slight hair." Michael clearly paid for someone paid to do the job, just as he did for everything else. Michael was a whack job, and a musical genius, and he liked little boys.

  31. Hello, I am Brazilian and here ethnicities never made any sense to our culture, the brazilian people literally defined by skin color, as any other definition is virtually impossible. Here even the idea of ethnic sounds messy.

    1. Now that is pure boguss! im from brazil too and brazil is a deeply racial Country. Every President in the countries history has been White! Nowadays Whites make up about 47% of the Country. Blacks 7 and biracial People 43%, yet every single big Company (all) are run by Whites! even in Bahia a state where only 20% are White the governor is White. In the tv Shows, Whites are heavily overrepresented, especially nordic Whites with the Features we all know. Colourism exists in the White Population as well and all of latin america Shows far too many northern europeans in its tv Shows. Hell even the brazillian Parliament is still 80% White

  32. For God's sake. Why are people still having this conversation when it's been shown that Prince carries the same skin disorder as his father - Vitiligo?

    MJ had Vitiligo. For years people questioned this and insisted he wanted to be white, which isn't true at all. All you ignorant people need to do is watch a damn YT video about the situation and get your facts right. Because Prince has the same disorder, it is proven then that M is his genetic BIOLOGICAL father. He may not look very dark, but he is a biracial child - as is Paris and Blanket. Blanket's biological mother is said to be either Mexican or American Indian, so there is less white in him... and you only need to look at that child and look into his eyes to know that he is MJ's son.

    Not everyone looks like their parents for starters. Genetics and DNA is not black and white, believe it or not. While there's been cases of a black and white couple giving birth to black and white twins and the black African family who gave birth to a white blonde baby... there's also cases where white people gave birth to a black child. This is because somewhere in the family tree there was a genetic coding for this... and it has skipped some generations. It's the same with black people who can carry white genes. There is white on Joe Jackson's side somewhere and on Katherine's side there is Chinese and American Indian in addiction to being black. When you consider that in MJ's genetic make up he is carrying all of these throwback genes, (including the white on Joe's side) and add his sperm to Debbie who is white and obviously comes from a family line of white, the white gene is therefore likely to be more dominant than the black gene. It's just pure genetics people, get a fucking 5th form human biology textbook or put Wikipedia to good use. -_- Really, there is no excuse for ignorance.

    Paris looks more like her mother. It's not unusual to look more like one parent than the other, but usually there will still be characertistics and traits from the other parent too. Paris has MJ's teeth and smile. Prince looks like MJ did when he was that age, 15-16, performing with the Jackson's. He just looks like a lighter and less Afro headed version of M at that time. In fact Prince's features such as his nose appear to be African American to me, and Paris has the same nose that La Toya HAD before she had it altered.
    And Blanket, well, he's Michael's clone. ;)

    MJ was a great Dad, as Paris said, the best father you could ever imagine. He loves his children.

    1. MJ had Vitiligo? Yes, from the bleaching creams.

  33. This is a very interesting article. I've never believed that MJ was the father of any of his children. MJ probably selected the Mother and Father for those kids based on what he found to be physically desirable traits. Those children do not resemble the Jackson family, yet all the Jacksons look like their related.

  34. I've seen most of the Jackson's cousins, niece's and nephew's which most are of mixed race, and they all resemble one another. Their features are strong and undeniable yet Michael Jackson's children look nothing like the family.

  35. Rashida Jones has a sister, Kidada, who looks almost exactly like her, but a bit darker skin and curlier hair. If you have ever seen their mother, actress Peggy Lipton, they look like a combination of her and their father. They also were recently on a t.v. show about tracing their lineage and I think that proves they are biologically the children of Jones and Lipton.

  36. I can believe that those are MJ's kids because of the way my own daughter looks. I am half black and half white and I turned out as a more brown skinned, tighter curled hair biracial person like Obama did except that my facial features don't look black. My daughter's father is half asian and other half is jewish, black, and native american. He could pass for at least 10 different things and people have asked him if he is native american, italian, mixed with black and white, other mediterranean ethnicities, and also hispanic. My daughter could easily appear to some people as being a child who has one full white parent. Her hair is lighter than both mine and her dad's but it's got a little curl thanks to me. I can look at her and see her looking most like a light skinned native american or latina when she gets older. She doesn't really look asian or black so much except for a tiny bit in her eyes and her curly hair. When she was born she looked entirely like her father but now that she is a little older she looks more like me if you look closely. I think by the time she has reached her adulthood she will appear to be a fair mix of both of her parents but will have a distinct look all her own as well. I imagine a lot of people on here, given their answers would see me next to my daughter and refuse to believe that she is actually my biological offspring but I think that would be more because of their own minds not willing to accept something they aren't used to seeing or can't or don't want to comprehend rather than because she really doesn't look like me at all. I don't think everyone who is like this has a hostile intent or would not be able to change their views at some point but to some extent, it's ignorance that is guiding people here and I don't think that is a good thing.

  37. I am black man, if I lose my hair or facial features due to accident I would not have repairs to my appearance so much different than how I once looked. Especially when I have 5 brothers and three sisters along with my parents to model my appearance from if not just pictures of myself.

  38. I just feel like as a European myself the entire bit about "Europeans call light skinned blacks and mulattos also black. To most Europeans whether you are mulatto are not, you are just black." is kinda wrong at least here in France (I don't know for all of Europe countries different ways).

    People of mixed african heritage are called métis - in fact it's a word used for anyone with mixed ethnicities - which does not say some people will not only see you based on how you look but light skinned people of african descent are, generally speaking, seen as métis and not as 'black'. The word has been used since around the XIII century here, it's not derogatory, & it's pretty well set in french people's mind - they will see people of mixed ethnicities as métis rather than one ethnicity or the other.

    But I do agree with your opinion - it's impossible by their looks only to say anything regarding those wether those children are biologically his or not.

  39. To people claiming that those kids look nothing like the Jackson's. I disagree. If you look at the shape of their eyes, they have the same shape and also I saw a picture of Michael Jackson's Grandfather(also named Prince) and Prince MJ jr looks very similar to him. So you will have to look beyond the cousins alone to see it. But the eyes alone look similar to the Jackson family. Especially the youngest bares strong resemblance to him. Someone who was there when Jackson was picking the woman said that the youngest child's mother, who is a surrogate, has Italian decent.

    However, I'm more of a neutral person. While I see the similarity in the eyes between those kids and the Jackson family. A DNA test is still needed for either argument(only Michael and those involved know the truth). Also people basing their opinions of those kids paternity based on negative opinions they have of Michael as an individual is quite troubling to me. Regardless of what you think, Michael could have still used his own sperm despite anything in his sexuality or other personal choices. Michael's autopsy report proved he had vitiligo(my family has a history of it too and I've seen what it looks like. The way Michael's skin looks is the same as my family member), Prince Jackson has vitiligo, the eye shape is same, and the family does have a mix of other races. I know of Native American, Black, and Caucasian. I recently heard of Katherine having some Chinese. Not sure about that.

    I feel it important to mention that Michael's grandfather had vitiligo as well.

    But I don't agree with people judging biology based on skin or features alone. Just because they look more White than Black doesn't determine much of anything. So I see it as they are most likely his based on those things, but a DNA test is what it will take to get me to go definitely yes, or definitely no.

    Another thing I want to point out, the reason Debbie Rowe said they weren't his kids was because of a disagreement her and Michael had that was related to money. So she decided she wanted to take them back. In order to do so, she said he wasn't the father. At some point she broke down and changed her mind. However, she's still saying they are his children today. So I don't see her as a reliable source on this seeing as her choices seemed a little off to me.

    So I agree the author here, their looks alone does'to determine whether or not they are biologically his children. A DNA teat would so. But until that happens, which most likely won't. According to people who knew him. Michael was a better Father for those children then most everyday fathers I grew up around. People say they are well mannered, mature, and intelligent. I say he did a good job considering his life. So he's their father as far as that is concerned to me. But biologically, I can't say 100% for sure but I do believe it's most likely the case.

  40. Funny comments. Lol :-)

    But seriously, do you know the odds of a man born with a dark skin, african coiled hair and a wide nose, having not 1, but ALL interracial kids being white-skinned, slim nose, & European straight hair?!!!! It's damn near impossible, genetically speaking. I'm surprised no geneticist commented on this until now. Someone even brought up the interracial twins (1 black, 1 white), that's a 1 in 500 chance that will happen and it only happens with twins.

    The chances of having 1 black parent and 1 white parent having a white child and calculated to be 1 in 1 million chances (even with recessive genes, as in the case with 2 white parents having 1 black child - aka Sandra Laing). The odds of 1 black parent and 1 white parent having a blue-eyed child when none of the parents carry that genetic trait....damn near impossible (it's less than 1%).

    Oh yeah, encourage STEM careers for kids, so they can learn this stuff. It's obviously very interesting. :-)

  41. Thank you! Things that annoy me, rumors based on ignorance which seemed to plague MJ and now his children too. Color genetics aren't complicated whether that's with people or animals, yet most people are just ignorant about it. For example with MJs biological children. This isn't complicated... Joe Jackson has GREEN eyes (that's MJ's Dad). Joe's Mom Crystal is biracial (MJs Grandma). Laytoya has always been light skinned. It was already in MJs DNA to produce biracial children on both sides of his family! Mix that DNA with Debbie Rowe and you get the two older kids and then the youngest. It's called credible research. Google Crystal Jackson, MJ looks a lot like her. Google Joe Jackson has green eyes and it's easy to see he is biracial! He actually has pretty green eyes. Biracial DNA means you can get very light to very dark skin. Multiple eye color options too. Paris Jackson also has naturally dark hair. It's absurd how ignorant people are regarding how DNA works. Not to mention how totally retarded people are when it comes to credible research. THE JACKSONS were already mixed because of MJ's GRANDMOTHER! Good fecking grief! Reading comments to his children on their posts and in idiot articles has me annoyed. I loathe ignorance. #michaeljackson#michaeljacksonchildren

  42. You're forgetting that Debbie Rowe didn't give birth to Blanket.....not only that but I honestly think that if Prince & Paris did a DNA....opps they would find out in a FAST hurry that they are the off-spring of Michael Jackson's manager!
    NOW deny that....


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