Obama visits the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany

President Obama says the Buchenwald concentration camp "is the ultimate rebuke" to those who deny the Holocaust.

Obama visited the Nazi camp where 56,000 people died. He toured the memorial with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and survivor and Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel. They laid roses at a memorial.

Obama said people today have a duty to confront those who deny such concentration camps existed.

Obama told reporters that his great-uncle helped liberate a nearby satellite camp, Ohrdruf, just days before other U.S. Army units overran Buchenwald. Obama says his great-uncle returned from war and was unable to speak of the horrible scene.

Obama says the victims and the perpetrators of the camp alike were humans and everyone must stand guard against a repeat.

On the Afro-German blog Black NRW you can find some interesting video's and links about that part of German history - Präsident Obama Rede in der Gedenkstätte Buchenwald am 5. Juni 2009