Friday, May 1, 2009

Queen's Day car attack has left one Antillean band member dead

The Antillean Wilfrido Plantin is now one of the six fatal victims of the attack on the royal family during the celebration of Queen's day in Apeldoorn. The man was a member of the Dutch Antillean dance group Ekspreshon Kultura from the Dutch city Almere. The offender has deceased on May 1.

Plantin was 71 years old (on the photo pictured, above second from the right). The group Ekspreshon Kultural consists of nine members, where one of the members has deceased and four people have been seriously injured, including two sisters. Two people were slightly injured. The group was hit behind and they probably never saw the car coming.

It’s clear that the main target of the offender was the royal family, but somehow he first drove his car into an Antillean music band. The attacker was a 38 year old single Dutch man, who had just had lost his job and couldn't pay the rent of his house anymore.

More information:
Ontzetting op Antillen over slachtoffer Apeldoorn


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