Sara Tavares's European tour

Portuguese singer Sara Tavares tours Europe from April 24th till september 24th 2009. The tour starts in London and ends in Leipzig Germany.

In her home country Portugal, Sara Tavares (1978) is seen as one of the best singers. She sang Portugal to the eighth place in the Eurovision Song Contest 1994, and her album Mi Ma Bo won gold. As a child of Cape Verdian immigrants Sara Tavares grew up in Lisbon.

Both cultures have influenced her music, she mixes Cape Verdean rhythms and melodies and Portuguese fado with a western pop flavour. She admires the Brazilian and Afro-American musicians, who developed a new style without forgetting their roots

Translated lyrics of Sara Tavares

Before Sara Tavares retreats to the studio to record her new album (that is expected in the spring of 2009), she'll do six live shows in Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany.

Sara Tavares: "Afro-European music is the style of a new generation Afro-Europeans. "I don't fit into one music genre of world music, I am no typical Cape Verdian musician. I'd rather stand at the beginning of a new tradition of music of the diaspora, of young African immigrants in Europe who don't only look back."

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