Black German youth theatre - Real life Deutschland

Screenshot real life: Deutschland

Afro-German teenagers describe their lives in everyday Germany. In the theatre play  'Real Life: Deutschland, young boys and girls give their views on everyday situations which you can experience as member of a minority in Germany. The play Real life Deutschland will shock and impress at the same time.

Black German Stories

All stories that appear in the play are for the most part true. In each played scene there is a deeper meaning. It's a way of showing that people with same everyday problems are not alone.

In the video trailer a few interviews are shown where the teenagers describe some of their experiences. A short translation of the dialogs.


Boy 1 : A group of people in the age of 16 to 18 came to me and said, what are you doing here negro, go home, go back where you came from negro.

Director: Stay close together

Girl 1 : I heard the N-word and so on. It went so far that my parents didn’t believe it actually happened. I think these are worst things that happened.

Girl 2 : I don't know how to defend myself anymore. I don't no what to say anymore.

Girl 3: I want to play in theatre, but I am not good in acting. But I love it.

Boy and girl: what is a 'negerkind' (negro child)?

Director: You don't know the meaning of the term negro child, you really have no idea.

Boy (white Bandana). For two three years I didn't want to have anyting do with white people. All of them hurt me.

Scene with boy and girl:
Girl:How come you speak German? That's what find so interesting. Where do come from?
boy: Germany,
Girl: No your home country
Boy: Germany
Girl: No your real home country
Boy:Also Germany
Girl: where are your parents from?

Boy: At some point you have nothing to say anymore.

Girl: I am really anxious what kind of  'play' it will become. Because we don’t have ‘a play’ yet. We have ideas, but not a play.

The theatre play 'real life: Deutschland' has emerged from the Empowerment-Theaterprojekt “YoungStar Theater - Schwarze Jugendliche im Mittelpunkt” (black youngsters on the center stage)

YoungStar Theater

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