The winners of the UK Screen Nation Film & TV Awards

On February the 7th the winners of the Screen Nation Film & TV Awards where announced. Naomi Harris (picture) is one of the winners. The awards are the Black Oscars of the UK. The Screen Nation Awards are a celebration of the achievements of black people working in film and television in the UK, and overseas.

The anticipated Screen Nation Awards 2008 listed to take place on the 7th of December had been rescheduled to February 2009 due to the difficulties faced by a key partner.

Screen Nation was founded by Charles Thompson, an Independent Producer with 18 years' experience in the UK film and television industry. Thompson was also the co-founder of the BFM Film Festival.

The winners - best actors and best actress list

Male Performance in Film - Ashley Walters
In Bullit Boy
British actor (London 1982) of Jamaican descent

Male Performance in TV - David Oyelowo
Played in the TV film Five Days and appeared in film The Last king of Scotland
English actor (Oxford, 1976) of Nigerian descent

Female Performance in TV - Naomi Harris
Appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and At World's End
British actress (London, 1976)of Jamaican descent

Favourite Male TV Star (Public Voting) - Hugh Quarishie
Played as Captain Panaka, head of the Royal Naboo Security Force in the film Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
British actor (Ghana, 1954)

Favourite Female TV Star (Public Voting) - Tiane Benjamin
Appeared in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and also played Chelsea Fox in the long running
English actress (London 1984) of Sierra Leonean descent

watch the Screen Nation red carpet video at Leicester Square TV

Full winners list

Outstanding Contribution - WHOOPI GOLDBERG

Edric Connor Inspiration - DON WARRINGTON

Vanguard in Production - TRIX WORRELL

Vanguard in Hair & Makeup Design - SHARON MARTIN

Achievement in Film Production - ADULTHOOD

Achievement in African Film Production - JERUSALEMA

Male Performance in Film - ASHLEY WALTERS

Male Performance in TV - DAVID OYELOWO

Female Performance in TV - NAOMI HARRIS



Independent Spirit Film Production - MELVIN: CHRONICLES OF A PLAYER - LAWRENCE COKE

Diversity in Factual Production - BLACK POWER SALUTE

Diversity in Drama Production - THE BILL

Best Music Performance on Film/TV (PUBLIC VOTING) – BASHY

Achievement in Screenwriting - ROY WILLIAMS (FALLOUT)

Emerging Talent - NONSO ANOZIE

Young Shooting Star - ADAM DEACON

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