Black Television in Europe

Now that US entertainment network BET is broadcasting in Europe, it's time to look at black TV in Europe. A fast video overview.

In Europe Black TV reflects the differences between the communities. In France Afro-Caribbean Aka TV broadcasts professional web TV. In the UK the Ghanaian OBE TV broadcasts African programs and black European programs on Satellite. In the Netherlands SME TV broadcasts news and interviews on the public city TV network. And in Germany Cybernomads does event reporting via YouTube. On national TV in the UK and the Netherlands there have been black drama series, but nowadays the lack of diversity on UK and Dutch TV is epidemic.



OBE TV (Original Black Entertainment Television, a wholly Ghanaian-owned London-based Television company, is a television channel launched in September 2004. OBE TV is broadcasting via the SKY Digital Platform.

It shows film, food, advertisements, sports and talk shows as well as church service programmes. The channel is aimed at black audiences, and shows programmes from South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana. Although the shows are targeted at viewers who are interested in African programs, the network also has the UK show ‘The Platform’

Video - Upcoming drama series on OBE TV to find actors and actress in a new reality TV program.

Global Faction

Global Faction is a video production company. The company produces video on social issues within the black community in the UK, which are shown on YouTube.

Video - Young People from Tulse Hill, Lambeth speak about their needs, hopes and dreams. Global faction on YouTube


The lenny Henry show
Lenny Henry: Where are all the black new faces?


Aka-a TV

Aka-a TV is Afro-Caribbean web TV. It’s connected with the Aka-a etno-marketing bureau.

News, sitcoms, interview and lifestyle programs. Aka-a TV works with Kalihnas Productions, which produces: Le Tcip show, the first Afro-French sitcom. K-Dam, a fashion and a beauty program and several other programs.

Video - Le Tchip show (sitcom)



SME (Cooperative Media Entertainment) is a TV (and Radio) station which broadcasts on the public city TV network in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. SME was founded in February 2000 as an Afro-Surinam media organisation, but now it’s goal is to reach other black communities in the Netherlands. The TV station is also campaigning to become a national broadcasting corporation.

Event reporting and talk shows.

Video - The report is about an event organised by Da Bounce

NPS - Dutch public broadcasting

Bradaz (brothers) a Surinam-Dutch comedy on the Dutch public broadcasting Network (2001 - 2002)


Afrotak Cybernomads

The Afro-German community has no black television organisation, but is does have cyberNomads AFROTAK. Afrokak is an online Text & Multi Media Databank Network Community since 2001 and also does YouTube community reporting.

Event reporting, and special productions on social issues.

Video - The report is about a community weekend of the Afro-German community



The launch of BET in the UK 2008

Read: BET Comes To The U.K.
Look at: Pics of the BET UK launch Party


BlackTree Media launched BlackTree TV Europe in September 2008. Blacktree produces web TV via Youtube and their social media site.

Video - Promo of Blacktree Europe

Read: BlackTree Media launches BlackTree TV Europe at the Netherlands Film Festival


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  2. blackAndy, the picture is of an old campaign of a local Surinamese TV station in Amsterdam, SME TV I uploaded a larger image, so click on the image to enlarge!

  3. Thanks, your site is really eye-opening especially from an African-American perspective. They don't teach us anything about the African Diaspora in school. I didn't realize that Jamaicans, Bahamians, etc.. were from Africa until college. I am now researching the African Diaspora, but I am focused mostly on South America at the moment. Great to learn about Blacks in The Alps, etc.. via your site.

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