Assaulted Black German boy in Pömmelte has died

Kevin, a black German boy, who was brutally tortured by Neo Nazi's in 1996 in the German city of Pömmelte has died. On the 28 december 2008 Keven suddenly collapsed and died. But the cause of death has not been resolved. The lawyer of Kevin's mother has stopped the cremation, because the mother wants to clarify his dead. Kevin was 15.

In 2006 the 12 year old Kevin was attacked by five Neo-Nazi's in the city of Pömmelte Schönebeck. He was tortured for over an hour. According to a medical report he had 34injuries.

The criminals where found. Three of them were sentenced to three and a half year imprisonment, two others where given suspended sentences. In 2006 the small city of Pömmelte Schönebeck became headline news.

In a statement the lawyer of the mother explains why they want an investigation: "We have stopped Kevin’s cremation because - and this is unbelievable – we do not yet know whether the head of Kevin has been extensively examinated to find out if it's possible that the cause of death may be a late consequence of the then suffered skull-brain trauma."

Interview with Kevin: ‘Five Nazi’s took me and almost beat me to death’
On Kevin (15) is dead

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