British fashion designer Ozwald Boateng: Black men need role models

Leading fashion designer Ozwald Boateng is a national role model for the UK REACH program. REACH is a programme for Black boys and young Black men

A British Government report has said that black boys in the country are desperately short of good and positive role models, and therefore, end up being on the fringes of society.

According to a report in The Times, black boys tend to emulate role models who glamorise violence such as P. Diddy, Megaman and other rap stars, rather than role models worth emulating like of Sir Trevor McDonald or Nelson Mandela.

The independent Reach report, written for ministers by 20 leading experts in education and youth justice, called for a new generation of role models of black lawyers, doctors, teachers, ...


  1. He is one of the few designers whose clothes I will never buy N-E-V-E-R. Unles he statr catering to both whites AND blacks instead of just whites. He has only ONE black model in his shows everytime and guess that's HIM.

    Plus in regards to role models . it is academic roles we need not clothes designers.He should enjoys his millions of CEDIS and leave us alone.

  2. The guy who answered above is an idiot. Ozwald is a very successful designer, who says its just academic role models we need? i suppose your okay with rap stars as role models but not designers.
    And by the way, he is making millions of pounds not millions of cedis bloody fool!

  3. You might want to do a little more research about P. Diddy. He's not one of those who "glamorize violence."

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