Les Trophées des Arts Afro-Caribéens 2008

Les Trophées des Arts Afro-Caribéens 2008 (The Trophies of Afro-Caribbean arts 2008) is an anual award ceremony for Afro-Caribbean artists in France. Awards can be won for music and other artistic expressions such as literature, film or television. The award 2008 in the category Revelation of the Year went to female Zouk singer Fanny J and in the category Best Artist the award went to singer Jean-Mari Ragald. The event was held in Paris on September the 23rd 2008.
The ceremony is closely tied to the legacy of Afro-Martinican francophone poet, author and politician Aimé Césaire. Césaire was a member of literary and political movement Négritude, a movement with a strong anti-colonial and anti-racist character. In this spirit, the winner of the price must refrain him- of herself from racist, homophobic, sexist or anti-Semitic expressions.
Les Trophées des Arts Afro-Caribéens official website
Short video Award Ceremony
The whole Ceremony

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