Afro-Europe link page


  • Difekako - Dance company which mixes cultures of Africa and the French West Indies - (Fr)
  • Labelnoir - Berlin based theatre group - (DE)
  • MC Theatre - Amsterdam based theatre production company (stopped in 2014) (NL)
  • Nordic Black Theatre - Oslo based Norwegian theatre company (NO)
  • RIGHTABOUTNOW INC. - The Amsterdam Collective of Urban Performing Arts 
  • Talawa - Britain's foremost Black-led theatre company - (UK)
  • Tchipshow - French Afro-Caribbean sitcom (stopped in 2011) - (Fr) 
  • Teatro GRIOT  - Teatro GRIOT is a company of actors who are focused on exploring themes that are relevant for the construction and questioning of contemporary Europe and and its reflection on theatrical discourse and aesthetic - (PT)



Commemoration Abolition Slavery 


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