Thursday, May 3, 2012

French comedy: “30 degrés couleur” - Rediscovering roots in Martinique

The film 30 degrés couleur of Lucien Jean-Baptiste and Philippe Larue’s is a new French comedy. Set in Martinique, the film follows Patrick (40), played by co-director Jean-Baptiste, as he returns to his birthplace after 30 years in France.
Patrick is integrated to the point that he has forgotten his roots, he's Black from the outside and White from inside. He enjoys a bourgeois life in France as a historian, but when he learns his mother is about to die, he heads to Martinique, with his only daughter, and lands right in the middle of the Carnival.

Accompanied by his childhood friend Zamba, he is swept away in three days of madness and into a whirlwind of emotion, humor and incredible situations. Three days that will change his life.

The film was released 14 March 2012 in cinema

The film has no English subtitles.


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