Saturday, April 28, 2012

Video: Ilê Aiyê ft Criolo - "Ilê Aiyê" - Celebrating African carnival in Bahia Brazil

The Afro-Brazilian group Ilê Aiyê and Brazilian rapper Criolo joint together for the video "Ilê Aiyê". The video is sponsered by the Brazilian energy company Petrobraz.

Ilê Aiyê was founded in 1974 in the neighborhood of Liberdade, the largest black population area in Salvador, Bahia. Ilê Aiyê means “house of life” in Yoruba. Ilê Aiyê combined the art of carnival including costumes, music, accessories, songs and dance with principles of respect for heritage, ancestry, elders, spirituality, symbolism and community development to become a leading institution representing African culture in Bahia.

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