Friday, March 9, 2012

"A Man's Story" - The documentary of fashion designer Ozwald Boateng

A Man's Story, the Ozwald Boateng documentary, will open in UK theaters today (March 9th), see Shadow and Act for more details. Needless to say Boateng is the famous British fashion designer of Ghanaian descent from London. See the trailer. Interesting to see even if you're not into fashion!

A Man’s Story is the documentary film covering the last 12 years of Ozwald Boateng’s life. Capturing the journey and evolution of him as a man as well as a designer.


But there is more to Boateng than just bespoke suits. In a CNN documentary he also talks about his views on Africa (part 2). About his succes he made an interesting comment.

When asked if he as a British born black person felt an outsider when he opened his shop on Savile Row, the fashion lane of the old British establishment, he said. “No, I didn't have those typical hang-ups or issues with colour.” I don't know who does have typical hang-ups or issues with colour, but of course I have an idea what he referring to.

Video part 1

See video part 2 two here


  1. It is an inspiring film

  2. Ozwald Boateng is an amazing man and this documentary powerful. I was lucky enough to see Ozwald talk after the film finished at Brixton cinema and wow. Short but sweet. A man s story is a film to take the black community forward.


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