Saturday, June 11, 2011

Video: Rochelle wins Dutch X Factor 2011

Rochelle Perts wins Dutch X Factor 2011. With 73% of the votes the 19 old year talent from the Dutch city Hengelo won the competition on 10 June, a competion which lasted 6 months.

One of her winning songs was "No Air" from Jordin Sparks (featuring Chris Brown), which is now released as a debut single.

Rochelle, who is born to a Dutch mother and a Surinamese father, has star power. Simon Cowell of the UK X Factor said she sounds and looks like an international star. And the French fashion magazine L'Officiel featured her in a photo shoot in the June issue. The same magazine where Beyonce was on the cover in February.

According to the X Factor jury and Simon Cowell the shy 19 old year student of the Rock City Institute has to work on one thing. Become aware of her talent.

The studio version

The group Adlicious with Laise Sanches (Dutch/Capverdian) was runner-up

Another talented group in X Factor 2011 was Sim'Ran. The three girls of Surinamese orgin, two sisters and a friend, lost in the semi-finals and ended up in fourth place.


  1. Why no mention of the other finalist, Adlicious, which featured Laise Sanches who is of African heritage? Her roots are in Cape Verde, West Africa.


  2. Hi Angelo, I posted Sim'Ran because it was a great video. But I agree, that in that case I should have also included Laise Sanches (Adlicious). My fault. I have corrected the mistake. Thanks for the comment!

    Great blog by the way.


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