Saturday, June 4, 2011

Black Europeans - Special issue of The African Courier

The magazine The African Courier has published a special issue about Black Europeans.

The intro: "Black Europeans. 2011 is the UN’s International Year for People of African Descent. In the spirit of the Year, we focus on Black Europeans in this issue, presenting them as an entity by themselves and not as an extension of the colonialist or post-colonialist dynamics."

The issue starts with an essay of African American poet, playwright and journalist Gyavira Lasana, who was also appointed as an editor for this special issue.

He makes a historical excursion and a voyage into the future of Black Europe. And he writes on the history of African Americans in Europe and points out the essential difference between their experience and that of their compatriots from the African continent.

And a story of Dutch author Furaha Kensmil, who explains why she feels like a foreigner in both Suriname and the Netherlands, which prides itself as a colour-blind nation while advancing anti-immigrant policies.

But there is much more, so read about more about this issue at

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