Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Video: Black in Finland - Gracia – “HKI” (Helsinki)

H/T Mikko Kapanen
”Helsinki doesn’t get much shouted out, to hell with those trying to hush and shout it out.” sings black Finish rapper Cracias in his video "HKI" (Helsinki)

On his blog he writes about himself. "Gracias (Deogracias Masomi May 6th 1987) hailing from The Democratic Republic Of Congo, (formerly Zaire (the place where Muhammad Ali knocked Foreman out.)) Kinshasa.

At the age of four, around 1992 D.Masomi moved up north to Helsinki, Finland alongside his mother to join his father and spark up hope for a better life. At the time DRC was getting torned down by the civil war and riots. In other words Gracias and his family became refugees."


  1. Hey thanks for introducing me to another cool artist. You seem to really know what you’re doing. Plus i love the fact that you shine the light on our people from all over the world. I no introduce my family and finds to what you write. So just know you have a lot of Americans reading your blog. Thanks for the continued great work.



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