Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Skool Rules - International Hip Hop and R&B Conference, April 1-3 in Rotterdam

New Skool Rules, the biggest International Hip Hop and R&B Conference returns in 2011 from April 1st till April 3rd in Rotterdam (Holland)

The international urban music industry will yet again be making major breakthroughs in 2011.

The global scene will yet again be represented on April 1st through 3rd, and once more make way for music professionals seeking to “network and exchange” in an absolutely unique setting and format.

The first edition of the New Skool Rules conference in 2009 had proven to be the ultimate international breeding ground for music professionals around the globe, reaching over 900 delegates from over 20 countries. Major as well as underground and indie contributors to the “urban” scene were represented, with delegates from; Def Jam, Universal, BET, VIBE, MTV (USA), Konvikt, Interscope,, WEA, Sony ATV, EMI Publishing, Warner Music and Talpa Music Publishing present.

The 2009 event had proven to be a networking haven for established and upcoming professionals in the music industry where new business relationships were founded, talents scouted, and knowledge exchanged."The New Skool Rules Conference was an eye-opening experience to say the least. It was a true revelation to witness so many different cultures congregate under the Hip-Hop banner, all sharing experience and information." Chuck Creekmur (USA) –

The conference will provide a platform for industry professionals to get a taste of international talents, network and exchange knowledge with other giants in the industry as well as with upcoming and established artists. In 2009 for example, upcoming artists, producers, bookers and managers we’re able to network and collaborate live with international artists such as Bishop Lamont, Fredro Starr (Onyx), LMFAO, Rock City and Verse, among others.

Nothing less can be expected for the 2011 edition as the New Skool Rules 2011 experience will start to make its mark in 2010 already, with various international collaborations and competitions scheduled. In 2011 the programme will feature over 30showcases, 12 master classes, 12 workshops, 12 panels, 3 after-parties, speed-date
sessions and much more.

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