Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Video: 'With Wings and Roots' - Defining culture and belonging by people with immigrant parents

They ask: "Where are you really from?"
Via Der Schwarze Blog

Currently in production, 'With Wings And Roots' is a feature-length documentary and new media project set in Berlin and New York that explores what gets termed assimilation in the USA and integration in Germany.

The English subtitled trailer of 'With Wings And Roots'

The german trailer 'Wo kommst du wirklich her?' (Where are you really from) of Wings and roots, but with English speaking people and German subtitles

Set in two countries currently struggling with immigration and national identity, the film tells the stories of six children of immigrants from diverse backgrounds who are striving to expand their definitions of belonging. A wedding, a new career, applying for citizenship – through vérité footage and in-depth conversations, the protagonists go through personal rites of passage, each facing questions identity and belonging and finding different ways to root themselves.

'With Wings And Roots' takes a transnational approach to explore how young people in one old and one new immigration society are redefining culture, citizenship, race, and belonging in this era of unprecedented global migration.

Website at: www.withwingsandroots.com


  1. I know exactly how the y feel I'm "Latin-German" it's sad how you feel out of place in your own country...

    1. That's why organisations as ISD and Der Braune Mob are so important.


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