Friday, October 29, 2010

Video: Ben l'Oncle Soul - Seven Nation Army (France)

Ben l'Oncle Soul is a French soul singer with a retro style who made his eponymous Top Five hit album debut in 2010 (Motown France).

Born Benjamin Duterde in 1984 in Tours, Indre-et-Loire, France, he took his name and look from Uncle Ben, the fictitious elderly African-American man dressed in a bow tie who serves as the brand image of Uncle Ben's Rice. The moniker Ben l'Oncle Soul was chosen rather than Uncle Ben...

He is also nominated for the French Awards "Trophées des Arts Afro-Caribéens" in the category Artist of the year.

Ben L’Oncle covered the song “Seven Nation Army” of the rock band "White Stripes"

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  1. Afro Europe thanks again for this great find. Last year after reading this article i checked this brother out. And he is really good...he sings mostly in French but there are many English songs. And one thing that i have come to realize in my travels is that music is universal. You don't have to always understand what is being said to enjoy the groove. But i did spend a lot of time asking my French friend to translate... Some call him the French John Legend....and i will agree.


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