Monday, October 25, 2010

Slovenia elects first black mayor

Slovenia has its first black mayor. Dr. Peter Bossman, a Ghana-born physician known as the "Obama of Piran," has made history.

Bossman settled in this tiny nation just south of the Alps, in the 1970s to study medicine in what was then known as Yugoslavia.

Bossman, 54, is a member of Slovenia's governing Social Democrats. He won a runoff election in the town of Piran with 51.4 percent of votes.

Bossman runs a private practice and was previously a member of the Piran City Council. Following the vote, Bossman said he was "happy and proud." "The Obama effect" is worldwide.

It could be that Peter Bossman is also the first black Mayor
in Eastern Europe.

As he said on BBC World Service this morning, "It will take some time to see if there will be any real change.

All who know me, know that I'm not holding my breath. I'm just celebrating."

Read more at BBC

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