Saturday, October 30, 2010

Short film: "Limbo" - The dreams of an immigrant in London

Via Shadow And Act
Limbo is a film (2006) about a man living for the city of London. At the centre of this mockumentary is Issam, an immigrant from Sudan now living in London, who works round the clock as a street sweeper and a security guard. He takes us on a tour of his dull and lonely life and along the way reveals his private passion for the buildings of London.

We soon learn that he has his own dream of becoming an architect and has been spending his time developing plans for a radical transformation of London’s skyline. But just as he proudly prepares to show us his portfolio he discovers, to his horror that his cherished drawings are missing. He sets out to find them. (Source BBC)

The film is fiction, but I'm sure it's someone's personal story.


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