Monday, October 18, 2010

Shocking racial inequality in Britain

Via Black Leaders in the UK
According to a report Black people in Britain are five times more likely to be imprisoned, while black graduates face 24 per cent less pay.

It also appears that the proportion of black people in prison in England and Wales is now higher than in the United States. Nearly seven times more people of Afro-Caribbean and African descent are imprisoned than their share of the population, compared with about four times in the US.

And if that's not enough, being black and male has a greater negative impact on levels of numeracy than having a learning disability.

Even for those who make it to university, the disparity still exists. Less than ten per cent of black students are at the top Russell Group universities, compared with a quarter of white students. Around a third of black students get a first or upper-second class degree, compared with two-thirds of white students. The study also suggests that black students face a 24 per cent less pay than their white counterparts.

The writer of the story suggests that there might be a "poverty of aspiration" among black people. This is based on the opinion of the education expert Tony Sewel who stated. "The real poverty that our children face is a poverty of aspiration - they have linked themselves with the prevailing anti-learning culture of their white working class counterparts."

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It's strange that although these issues are and have been researched extensively the problems seem to get even worse.


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