Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Street dance group Diversity beats Susan Boyle (UK)

Street dance group diversity has won the contest 'Britain’s got talent'. In the final they beat world's favourite Susan Boyle with a very creative dance act. Diversity is a troupe from East London - 11 boys aged 13 to 25 - and is head by 20-year-old choreographer Ashley Banjo. Banjo is the son of ex–ballet dancer Danielle Banjo and Nigerian ex-boxer Funso Banjo.

The dance group Flawles didn't make it to the final, but there where just as good. According the British newspaper Telegraph both dance groups brought street dance to the mainstream in the UK.

According to the Telegraph both Diversity and Flawless emphasise the value of hard work, dedication and cultivating their talent. They also hope to inspire others to dance, to fulfil their potential. As Anthony Duncan of Flawless puts it: "A lot of people don't dream any more. For so many young people, everything is today and tomorrow and that's it. There's nothing for them to attain. We want to put that back into people's lives."

Check out the video's of Flawless and the Dutch Groove Kings who competed in the Holland's got Talent contest.


In the Holland's got Talent contest, Groove Kings became third

Groove Kings semi final

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